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About MiniATE

MiniATE specializes in the providing of innovative solutions to electronic testing problems and supply electronic components from the worlds leading manufacturers. It also provides custom assemblies and specialises in IC Test Clips.

It was founded in 1990 by Mr Vijay Kaul to sell IC sockets and Connectors to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Electronic Manufacturing Services(EMS) and private companies in India. Since miniaturization has taken place in all components of electronics, the company name originated as ‘MiniATE’. There was no shortcut along the way. Over the years, when our seasoned sales team collaborated with Interconnect designers located abroad, we delivered innovative semiconductor solutions exceeding what our customers demanded.

In today’s challenging times, we are empowering the microelectronics solutions with next generation IC socket and connectors. Specifically, we are providing 2G, 4G, 8G CFP2 connectors (MSA standard) for Telecom and Defence projects. We serve customers across many industries including: Aerospace, Defence, Medical, Telecommunications and other high end electronic systems. MiniATE products are trusted to perform in extreme conditions where mission critical reliability is vital to success.

We couldn’t be more excited about MiniATE’ future. We will continue to work with same zeal and dedication as we started and we expect that the road head of us will be nothing short of amazing.

MiniATE has office in New Delhi and Bangalore to support its customers. Please feel free to reach out.